Symposium for Biology Students in Europe
Summer 2019

City of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Active since the 90s!


SymBioSE is a Symposium of Biology Students in Europe. It was founded in 1996 by members of a German student association. The basic idea was to connect all European biology students, allowing for the exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences about student concerns. This led to the first meeting in Berlin in 1997. After a successful start with twelve European countries, it was continued as an annual event to be held in the different participating nations. Since then, every host country has built upon the initial idea and upgraded it with different aspects of their own cultural background. Thus far, every time this has resulted in a unique and enriching symposium.




So what is this conference about? When/where does it take place? For how long? How many participants? What about entry fees etc?

SymBioSE is not a rigid organization with a hierarchical structure. Instead it is a fluid and organic initiative that relies on the synergy of volunteers with sincere enthusiasm for biology and the ability to self organize, participants that desire to exchange ideas, maintain traditions and create new ones, and the support of the host university community as well as the kind sponsorship of international bio-businesses. SymBioSE is run entirely by a team of students volunteers and is passed on to a new team each year. 

In order to apply, you must be a Life Sciences student in any European university. No matter what your actual nationality is, you will be representing the country of your university. Each participant contributes to the cultural program by carrying out a presentation on the culture and customs. Moreover, we warmly welcome all participants to contribute to the academic program by presenting their research either in presentation or poster form or leading a workshop. 

What makes SymBioSE so fun is the ability to learn about various topics (anything from marine/freshwater biology to physiology to biochemistry), find out about different cultures and even explore the surroundings of the city the symposium takes place in. This year we will be discovering Glasgow and rural areas of Scotland.


The symposium will be held 29th of July - 6th of August. The academic programme consisting of presentations, guest lectures, workshops and tutorials will be held in Auchengillan outdoor centre rooms and in the University of Glasgow lecture theaters.  

Where and when?

Not everyone who applies is chosen to take part in the symposium as we have space only for 90 participants. These are students and young researchers who are all highly motivated and enthusiastic about different aspects of biology, coming from different universities all across Europe.

We ask for a small participation fee of £155, which covers accommodation, meals and several excursions but it does not include your transport ticket to Glasgow!

Length of event

 The symposium duration is 1 week, leaving time on the first and last day for arrival and departure. During this period of time, you will have the opportunity to meet other biology students and take part in discussions and exchange of ideas, hear about the research they are carrying out, get inspired by guest lecturers, participate in workshops and explore rural and urban parts of Scotlans. SymBioSE is both academically enriching and socially exciting! 



Making SymBioSE experience unforgettable and enriching
Axel Hochstetter
SymBioSE Dinosaur, interested in bio-physical characteristics of parasites
Eva Sorokolet
Caitlin Cosgrove
Jokubas Leikauskas
Second year Bsc Human Biology student in University of Glasgow interested in aspects of human health and disease
Third year BSc Immunology student in University of Glasgow interested in antimicrobial resistance and vaccines
Third year BSc Biochemistry student in University of Glasgow doing study abroad year in UC Berkley
Konstantina Malengou
Ryna Hanifi
MSc student at the University of Glasgow at Biotechnology and Management
Aspiring 3rd year immunologist and student ambassador at the University of Glasgow aiming to specialize in cancer viruses
Sol Vendrell
MSci Microbiology student at the University of Glasgow easily inspired by synthetic biology, music and climbing
Stefanie J. Krauth
A long-time SymBiont, who is studying tropical parasites and their interactions with their hosts in the physical and social environments.


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